Galt s gulch chile bitcoins

galt s gulch chile bitcoins

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Galt's Gulch Chile Spring Celebration!
In this spiritual followup to our previous episode on Charter Cities, we get a glimpse at Galt's Gulch Chile. Bitcoin ATMs in c Like Reply. Chile is now accepting bitcoins in exchange for plots of land within its boundaries. The project is called Galt's Gulch Chile, a name. They accepted bitcoin and fiat, if I understand correctly. So, it's not a bitcoin scam anymore than a fiat scam. It looks like some basic.
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Please refer to the GGC website for further details on the project and also register for on-going updates and opportunities for living in the community. Spoiler: It went to shit. Galt decided he no longer wanted to support a society that was oppressed, over taxed and over regulated, so created his own community.